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Tax Information

Tax Implications

Donations or gifts to charitable organizations like BYU may potentially provide substantial tax advantages and/or income benefits. We would be pleased to provide professional assistance to help you craft your gift to BYU Athletics. In calculating the possible impact of a gift to BYU Athletics on your taxes and other financial planning, including the effect of all applicable tax laws, BYU Athletics urges all Cougar Club Members to consult with their tax advisors and other financial professionals.

"The Right to Buy a Ticket"

Tax legislation effective January of 2018 eliminated the ability to write off a portion of the any gift for which an Athletic Donor receives the right to buy a ticket in athletic venues. The full implications of these new laws are not fully known.

BYU will send information about seating benefits that may reduce your charitable contribution in the year-end disclosures required by the IRS. Donations given in excess of the amount required for various seating areas may be tax deductible less the value any tangible benefits the Donor received (or had the right to receive).

"Tangible Benefits"

The fair market value of any benefits Cougar Club Members receive as a direct result of an Athletic donation must be deducted from the amount of a contribution that might otherwise be tax deductible. As required by the IRS, the Cougar Club sends each member an annual Disclosure Statement that includes the values of Cougar Club benefit Donors may have received. In computing your tax benefit for charitable contributions to the Cougar Club, you should subtract the value of any benefits you received from the total amount of your membership dues and other contributions as well as subtracting any amount not tax deductible because it was required for the right to purchase a ticket. The annual benefits schedule will detail gifts you may have received as you joined the Cougar Club, as well as on-going events or benefits available to Club Members because of their donations, for example:

  • Nike Hat (one time only, new Silver Members) $10
  • Embroidered Attache Bag (one time only, Platinum and Golden Members) $19
  • Turning Point desk memento (one time only, Legacy Donors) $375
  • Media Guides for football and basketball, $8 each
  • Club luncheons, $5 per person, per luncheon

This information will be sent to Club Members on or before January 31 of each year to assist in the filing of taxes; it will also be available on the Cougar Club website. For questions regarding Cougar Club benefits, please contact the Cougar Club Office at 801-422-2583. For questions regarding how your benefits influence what portion, if any, of your Athletic contributions may be tax deductible, please consult with your tax advisor.